Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Four-Hour Mark. And The Verdict Is IN!

There is a distinct chocolatey burny smell going on in my kitchen right now.

We're at the four-hour mark. I don't think this krap can make it to the 6 hour mark.

Here, I peak in. The top is stuck ONto the paper towels.

Here's the finished dish. Cream-duh-mint brownies.

Look at the outside.
It's kinda burned.

That's what I was smelling.

Here's the ... gulp ... dessert brownie ... stuck to the paper towel, which is up there - EIGHT SHEETS! - because you don't want the condensation on the slo-kukker kover to drip INto the brownie Krap. Whatever, Sandy ... Whatever, YOU say.

The money shot.

Where are you MV,
when I need you?

For those not in the know, MV is MillieVanilli- the unseen hands in Sondra's kitchen, who actually do all the work.

All righty-dighty.
I'm turning up some of this delishounusness.

OoooKaaaay.... Here's my first taste. Oh, golly, Rosie, it can't be all that bad!

OK, Rosie, try a second bite.

Oh, Gawd! Why do I do this to myself? This tastes like shit.

Sandra Lee???!!!???
You are EVIL!

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Hairball T. Hairball said...

I know this is old but I keep missing this episode so thanks for entertaining me by making this! LOL