Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Mantel Is Completed. Finally.

Several months ago, Ed tore off all the tile work around the fireplace.

Ed's really good at tearing crap up.

That's the original mantel.

And here's the before picture. Kind of.

Here's MantelMan, AKA FloorMan, starting work
on my mantel.

MantelMan is hand painting the detail on the mantel to match my kitchen cabinets.

MantelMan gets into his work.

Attenshun to detail!

MantelMan is working on the shelf to put all the components on.

Wallah! Mantel and shelf are complete.

MantelMan and Cousin hoist the TV back up on the wall.

Finished mantel and
shelf with components.

The new, wrap-around mantel makes this corner look
so much bigger.

Mr. Hawthorne came home later this afternoon with the splitter thingie and the multiple receptacle thingie so now the orange drop cord is gone.

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

"Ed's really good at tearing crap up."

Yep, there's a glowing reference for poor Ed. Me thinks he will put that on his business cards!