Sunday, April 26, 2009

Breakfast At The Hawthornes.

A little parsley, a sprig of thyme, and some mushrooms. Hmmm... What to do. What to do. First, I sauteed the mushrooms in butter and set them aside. Then I lightly scrambled two eggs with cheddar cheese and freshly ground salt and pepper.
For Ticky:
Bacon and scrambled eggs on 100% whole wheat toast, with sauteed mushrooms, and a sprinkling of thyme and parsley.
My secret ingredient was a little glop of pesto on top of the eggs. Click on the above picture to enlarge it so you can see it. A fine breakfast, if I do say so myself.


Marilyn said...

Sounds yummy!

Kathy said...

Thank you for the whole wheat toast Rosie. Breakfast was delicious, as was lunch, dinner, and snacks. In face the whole dang weekend was delightful.