Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Musings.

Hello, My friends and readers ... and both and/or either ... or neither, too. I would like to wish you A VERY HAPPY EASTER! I'm working on an Easter post now - uploading videos - it will be a while. But I just wanted to pop in here and offer greetings to all. Also, I have two dinners to recap and post. The first is a pizza. Yes. ANOTHER pizza. This time, I made the dough (Who else would make the dough?), then turned it over to Mr. Hawthorne, who did the rest under my tutelage (read: criticism) and who couldn't follow simple directions or my not-so-subtle suggestions. But it was really good. He did the tomato sauce and all the toppings. I just give him a hard time, because that's what I do. He expects nothing less. Hell, he expects this. I come from a long line of hard-time-givers. I'll post about the pizza later. The second meal was an explicit, exceptional, and exquisite array of tastes and flavors and aromas and was our Easter Eve Dinner tonight. Please stay tuned. Happy Easter.

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