Friday, April 10, 2009

Sure Sign Of Spring - Blooming Bermuda Beach Chairs.

It's SPRING! There are several sure signs of the arrival of spring on the Outer Banks. The first is the return of the ospreys - usually the first week of March. Not spring yet, but the promise is there. The thing about living on the Outer Banks that I miss most from living in the Piedmont region of Virginia is the lack of true seasons. I sorely miss the change of seasons. I miss seeing the change of seasons. On the OBX, seasons are not defined by 4 quadrants. Down here, they subtly blend into each other. You don't have the four seasons here. You have two. Hurricane season starting in June-September. And crab season starting in late April/May. Well you could add a Nor' Easter Season in February/March. And a Crappy-Assed winter with cold and blow and no snow in December-February. So I guess I do have 4 seasons here. But I miss falling leaves. We don't have too many deciduous trees over here on this edge of the continent. It's all pines and right now the freakin' pollen is EVERYWHERE, I miss a good winter. By that I mean, if it's going to be cold as a witch's tit, then bring on the SNOW. I love colors.
And the second big sign of spring, a sure sign of spring, is when the beach chairs start blooming in a lovely array of Bermuda colors.
I found these chairs at Kellogg's Hardware on the beach road.
This was my favorite shot. Click to enlarge.
I like all the lines in this one.
Another one I liked.
Then I went to Ace Hardware and found these.
Please enjoy all the colors.
I'm thinking about printing the bottom two out and framing them together. My Hawthorne just walked by and took a look and said, "That's just begging for something." ________________________________________
_________________________________________ Hmmm. I see possiblities in this.
Hope you enjoyed all the pretty colors. I wanted one chair of each color for our deck, but Mr. Hawthorne restrained me.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

I had no idea that beach chairs came in that many colors!!

Somebody told me recently that we have five seasons in Hairballville.

Super Summer (The 100+ degree days)
Still Summer
Almost Summer

Happy Easter to you and yours Rosie!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos. And the bottom two would be great printed and framed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with notmuch, great pics. Those are the most uncomfortable chairs, only way I can tolerate them is with a foot rest. NY should have kept them in their mtns.

Marilyn said...

Definitely get those printed out and framed, Rosie.