Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giada. Giada. Giada. Yada. Yada. Yada.

I keep a stack of legal pads on the kitchen counter next to my lap top and I just list my ideas for posts along with the corresponding pictures and the file names thereof. These pictures of Giada have been waiting for me to post since April 11 - 18. So, gentlemen, here they are. In all their glory. Disclaimer: I am a happily married heterosexual woman.
What can I say?
Here's our girl. And her girls.
The Giada Lean-To.
Prim, perky Giada at the Garden Party.
Happy, ebullient Giada.
Giada. Just Giada.
Giada, her mother, and her Aunt Raffi, who is her mother's YOUNGER sister. I just found that out. Who'd a thunk?
The Giada Reach.
Hell, she doesn't have to reach. She just STANDS.
Ahhhh. The Lunge/ Reach.
Another Reach. Geeze. Can those production assistants put her shit any farther away from her? What are they thinking?
Food Porn.
Now this is funny. This is from Giada's episode "Perfect Pairs." OK. I jest. The actual name of the episode was Perfect Pairings. But you can see how I'd go there.
And fun of fun, Giada is making a Proscuitto and Melon Soup. Now, just imagine my utter glee when Giada held the cantaloupes in hand at chest level and said, "Just look at these luscious melons." OK, it didn't happen. But it could have. And that would have been MUST-SEE -TV. Freakin' Awesome. Sorry. I'm really putting too much effort into this.
But I know there are sooooo many Giada fans out there.
So I'm doing this for them.
And you KNOW who you are.
I'm talking to you Buckykatt.
And you too, Mr. P.
Holy Cannoli!
Ahhhh. Giahhhhhda. You go, GIRL! You sly fox you.


Lane said...

Mama when I come home, Giada's not gonna like you talkin like that.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And folks, Giada is my daughter's puppy dog.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And no, she's not named after the OTHER Giada.

Anonymous said...

Damn Girl, Ill take you home and give you a chest massage if you want!!!? Send Back! PLZ!!!