Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love My Feedjit.

I love my Feedjit. I love seeing how people get to my blog, what they type into Google, and how they land up at Kitchens Are Monkey Business and where they came from. Mama Hawthorne and Sister Hawthorne: Scroll down my blog and look on the right hand side for Feedjit Live Traffic Feed. Go to the bottom and click on "Watch in Real Time" and you can see what I'm talking about. For example:
22:19:33 -- 10 hours 22 mins ago
22:07:03 -- 10 hours 35 mins ago
Who the hell types in "Sandra lee's monkey has hairballs in his wallet?" I've noticed this person from Burnt Corn, Alabama on my blog numerous times and I think I just might know who she is. My Vietnamese friend is always checking in. Twice in the past 11 hours. Here:
08:28:43 -- 19 minutes ago
and here:
21:40:20 -- 11 hours 9 mins ago
Seems like my dog vomit slime mold post took a hit:
Cape Town, Western Cape arrived from on "Kitchens Are Monkey Business: My Dog Vomit Slime Mold." by searching for large holes in my garden with slime in it.
01:26:23 -- 7 hours 33 mins ago
And I knew Dancing With The Stars wardrobe malfunction would be googled:
Brentwood, California arrived from on "Kitchens Are Monkey Business: Wardrobe Malfunctions." by searching for Lil kim dancing with the stars oops wardrobe malfunction.
01:33:43 -- 7 hours 27 mins ago
I had no idea what Suif Gutta Jackson and Damion D-Roc Butler were, but then I see they were Lil Kim's co-manager and body guard.
Augusta, Georgia arrived from on "Kitchens Are Monkey Business" by searching for Suif "Gutta" Jackson Damion "D-Roc" Butler shooting footage.
06:47:18 -- 2 hours 15 mins ago
And I've noticed a lot of people google "Did Sandra Lee have plastic surgery" and end up on my blog:
08:56:53 -- 8 minutes ago
And two people within the last 14 hours googled "catalytic converter warranty" and ended up with me:
00:00:05 -- 9 hours 8 mins ago
Dublin, Ohio arrived from on "Kitchens Are Monkey Business: Information On Your Catalytic Converter Warranty." by searching for converter warranty.
19:08:37 -- 14 hours 2 mins ago I love my Feedjit. If any other bloggers out there have interesting Feedjit hits please share with us. Comments are always welcomed.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

*looks very innocent*

You got a bunch of freaks visiting your blog Rosie!

Donna-FFW said... the feedjit, makes me laugh.. your posts and hairballs on this subject are too funny.. stop by my blog if u can and enter my giveaway.. 5 good prizes:)

Kathy said...

And WHO, may I ask, likes to change her location on Feedjit and make random weird comments on other people's blogs? Hmmmmm?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Those comments were neither random nor weird.