Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buckykatt, This One's For You!

As some readers have requested, I'm making this a regular feature of my blog. I present to you Giada de Laurentiis, the Queen of Decolletage, and Cooking With Cleavage.
Giada always needs to bend over to wipe her hands.
Or she does the Giada "reach" to lean waaaay across the counter to pick up an ingredient.
And sometimes we get it in stereo.
Then you have your basic boobs in the kitchen cooking.
Now this is scary. And this is the stuff of nightmares. Oh my. And it gets worse. This is NOT a good look for her. Does she not have a mirror? I give up.
What is in the water at Food Network?
Rache, you are so out of Giada's league. Don't even go there, girlfriend.
And hubby is pretty scummy looking too.
He could use a good scrubbing, haircut, and a shave. Enough of amateurs. Back to Giada.
Now see, this is what I'm talking about. Here she's got that heavy pan, yet she chooses to pour it out across the counter - an awkward move at best - instead of doing it close to her.
Oops. I think she might have dropped something down there.
Well, doesn't everyone put whatever they're working on as far away from themselves as possible, so they have to bend over and reeeach?
Poor kid.
I think the Food Network has hired 12 year old boys as cameramen.
Man, she's got some choppers.
I'll just shut up and let you take in the boobage. Cause, really, there's nothing else for me to say.
Now, before going any further, I must say that Giada was quite modest the other day. But then Aunt Raffi came on to cook and my illusions were shattered.
I guess Giada comes by it naturally. What next? Emeril in a thong?


Hairball T. Hairball said...

I don't understand why women who have widely spaced "girls" think going braless is a good look. If one naturally points west and the other points east, then please put on a bra!!

Marilyn said...

Forget the Wonder Bra, Rachael needs a Miracle Bra. Nothing less would make it look like she actually has something going on there.

Kathy said...

You got the watermelon shot. Yay!

Buckykatt said...

Thank you Rosie, thank you! Sniff, sniff - somebody out there really does care about me.......! Rachael and Aunt Raffi helped me appreciate Giada more than ever.

Mr. P said...

Thank you for the Rachel links. I also enjoyed the Giada pictures.