Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pasta Dinner. Part 1.

If you recall, I made Semolina Pasta dough not too long ago and I still have dough wrapped up in the fridge. I pulled off a small piece yesterday and went to work at making noodles for our dinner.
In case you're wondering about the size of that mound of dough, that's a 1-cup measuring cup next to it.
I flattened the dough a bit and rolled it through my pasta machine several times on the widest #1 setting.
This is what it looks like after about 3 times through the #1 setting.
#2 setting. I ran it through this about 3 times, each time starting at the opposite end.
Here's the #3 setting.
Went through the #3 again.
This is after the #4 setting.
You really need 4 hands to do this properly but Mr. Hawthorne was busy doing something else.
And this is the #5 setting.
This is how long it was after the #5 setting.
Notice my machine has a #6 and a #7 setting. I've never had success at #6, so naturally I haven't even tried #7, but I'm feeling adventurous today. Throwing caution to the wind, I set the pasta maker on #6.
First I cut the #5 pasta strips in half, then I ran it through on #6.
#6 pastas on the outside. #5 pastas on the inside.
I decided, what the heck, let's do 'em all at #6. I'm on a roll!
And here are all my little pasta strips. I wasn't brave enough to try #7. Maybe next time.
Then I put the cutting attachment on, ran the sheets through, and I have fettucini.
PVC pipe has many uses.
And my pasta is ready for dinner. Which is the next post. Scroll Down.

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