Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rosie And Mr. Hawthorne Try A New Restaurant.

Mr. Hawthorne and I ventured into Currituck County the other day to see if the strawberry farm over there was ripe for picking yet. It wasn't. So as not to have a totally fruitless trip, we decided to try out a fairly new restaurant. I'm glad we did, because we both enjoyed a good meal at Keefer's Bar and Grille, located 3 1/2 miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge at the Pointe Golf Club. Mr. Hawthorne tends to judge a book by its cover so when we're driving up to the golf club, he's moaning and bitching about it's gonna be expensive and "pretentious bullshit." However he was WRONG. And admitted it.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the Reuben sandwich with a refreshing cucumber salad.
I had a bite and it was quite tasty. Thin strips of corned beef with melted cheese on toast.
The cucumber salad provided a fresh counterpart to the sandwich.
I ordered my benchmark dish for any restaurant - their Caesar salad. Their's came with either blackened or grilled tuna and I chose grilled, medium rare. Apparently, they don't get many requests for medium rare tuna, since the waitress came back and said the chef was surprised to hear that I had requested my tuna cooked that way.
At any rate, the tuna was grilled perfectly. And the salad was quite good. I actually liked the dressing, although ours is still the best.
The salad had an unusual addition of walnuts and dried cherries. No croutons, however. And you know how I like my croutons.
We did order a side of their homemade chips which were probably the best I've had, so that more than made up for the lack of croutons. Plus, we got to sit next to the window overlooking the 18th hole and were treated with a string of golfers who really sucked so that was entertaining. Like dinner theater.
And we passed Hibbidy Dibbidy Lane on our way out.
The view going back over the bridge.


Marilyn said...

I wonder if some restaurants are leaving off the croutons because of so many people being on the Atkins and South Beach diets?

Looks delicious.

Kathy said...

I like Hibbidy Dibbidy Lane. We have a Rip Rap Road up here.