Saturday, April 25, 2009

Send Me The Money.

I had a change of heart last night and decided to reply to Mr. Denz:
Yes, Mr. Denz. I can be trusted in this matter.
Please contact me. Ms. Hawthorne

At 6:32 AM, I received Mr. Denz's reply.

Dear Ms. Hawthorne,

Thanks for your reply to my proposal . Firstly I want you to know that the proposal is for you and i am sending to you the brief details as i wait for your reply and to assure you that this transaction is legal ,risk free and will be 100% successful for all i need is your trust, confidence and your assurance of capability to handle this transaction because i will be coming over to you for sharing and investment as soon as the money is transferred to you. I want you to know that my request for you to stand as the next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and aBurkinabe cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner. The next of kin can be a brother, sister, friend, or extended relation from any part of the world irrespective of your sex, age and colour as the bank is aware of this fact, for your been related to the deceased or not does not matter. I want you to see this transaction as an opportunity for our greatness in life and to help the less privilage out there.

More importantly, I want you to assure me that you will not disappoint me or betray me when this money is transferred into your account because all my hope is in this fund when you receive it into your bank account.

For a better understanding and the details you requested for, below is a brief explanation: 1.i am an officer in charge of records and statistics in my department and the deceased customer is close (friend) to me here in the bank. 2. The deceased customer is Mr PAUL LOUIS HALLEY an ECOWAS CONTRACTOR who nationalized here in my country and has been residing here for the past 14 years with his wife and children. 3. I have spent time and money to investigate and i find out that nobody or even a relation is aware of this money and the bank have been expecting the next of kin to have come to claim this money for a very long time. 4. Every information you will use for this claim is presently with me and i will provide it to you when the bank needs it from you. 5. As an advanced man, i have perfected everything to guarantee success and you should not fear for i am here as an insider working here in the bank to assist you claim this money successfully .

Thanks for your cooperation. As i wait for your urgent reply so that i will draft for you the application letter that you will fill and send to the bank for immediate approval. Yours faithfully, Derra Denz 00226 76 58 82 77 NB:This is my direct line you can call me for more explanations

I'd love for some investigative reporter to hop on this bandwagon and see where it goes.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

The conclusion of this would make a good segment on your local TV news.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hairball, that's what Ticky said.