Monday, April 6, 2009

A Walk Through My Garden.

Just thought I'd take a quick walk through the yard and share a few pictures of what's happening. Do you know what this tree is?
It's a bay leaf and it's blooming.
My allergies will be kicking in soon.
The pine pollen is the harbinger of my seasonal rhinitis. Pretty soon, my white truck will be yellow, I'll have to keep all the windows closed and the AC on even though it's not needed, my eyes will be swollen and itchy, and I'll be miserable. And when the wind blows, since there are so many pine trees down here, it will look like big clouds of yellow smoke wafting about.
Here's part of my herb garden. There's rosemary in the background, along with some fennel. I also have sage, oregano, different thymes, chives, cilantro which made it through the winter, and of course parsley is a weed for me and grows everywhere.
This is my stock, which self seeds and grows all over the place.
I have it in blue, purples, and pink. And the smell is divine.
I let my greens go to seed.
The bees love it.


Marilyn said...

Is that your bay tree? Pretty.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Wonderful pictures!

Sorry to hear about your pollen allergy. I never knew that rain could be yellow until my first Spring in Georgia.