Wednesday, April 22, 2009

English Bulldog, Lily, Up For Adoption.

New spam for me:

Sorry for contacting you this way, I got your email online searching for a good home that will adopt my English Bulldog “Lily”. Actually I have not be able to contact you, due to the terrible situation I have been through, my dearest husband had a terrible car accident and has been in coma for the past weeks and this was the main reason I needed a good home for Lily so I could be able to concentrate with the care of my husband. Few weeks ago I finally lost my dear husband, and now I have to contact you to know if you are still interested in adoption my little Lily bcos I need to give her a good home so I could move on with my life. Lily is just a fabulous and exquisite English bulldog with lots of baby bullies wrinkles!,stocky with short legs,heavy bone,awesome mass and wide chest,excellent temperament,with a lifetime of love and wrinkles. She is very current with her vaccinations and de-worming and will come with full AKC registration for show or responsible breeding. Pls do get back to me via, if you will be able to take good care of her for me.

Thank you.

What?? I'm giving it up in my blog in case it's for real. Anyone who wants to have at it, do. Since her husband is dead now, why can't she take care of the damn dog? I'm nothing, if not for the dogs.


Jan said...

I just got the email too. What I found interesting in the email was the line "now I have to contact you to know if you are still interested in adoption my little Lily". Still interested? I never was interested in the first place. This is kind of the reverse of another scam I've seen where someone advertises an animal they are trying to find a new home for and someone responds from another state that they would be interested in your "pet" (they fail to mention the name or breed of the "pet" in their email). The scam works by them using their "own shipper" (really just them under a different name). They "overpay" for shipping and ask for you to refund them the difference. The lack of proper grammar and spelling is usually a dead give away that the email is bogus (they're usually from countries like Nigeria, Israel, or South Africa). I found a couple of similar types of scams discussed at: and at:

Avoid this like the plague.....

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I got the same email but the dog was named Presley...guess after her husband died she changed the dog's name too!

Mine also was a different email address

What a scam!