Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arnold's Sandwich Thins.

Ever since I posted about Arnold's Sandwich Thins
and my using them for hamburger buns,
I've gotten a lot of comments about them.
Some of you have had a hard time finding them,
so just to let you know,
the first ones I saw were at WalMart.
Later I found them at Harris Teeter.
My FoodLion does not carry them,
although Mama Hawthorne says
her FoodLion in Danville, Va., does.


Marilyn said...

Arnold's definitely owes you a case of their buns (hee) for your free promotion.

Anonymous said...

I just bought some today, perfect for Judy's tuna salad, some fresh greens from the garden, and a shitty hot house tomato (dreaming of that first ripe one from my garden). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I posted this earlier, but I will add it here as well. I live in central Calif and I found them at our local Safeway on sale. The sandwich thins are the Oroweat brand out here.