Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday At The Outer Banks Arboretum.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting
At MP 8 1/2, across Colington Road just south of the
Wright Brothers Monument and adjacent to the Baum Senior Center on Mustian Street,
the Arboretum is a collaborative project
of the NC Cooperative Extension,
Dare Master Gardeners,
Dare County, the Town of Kill Devil Hills,
the Outer Banks Community Foundation,
and the Dunes of Dare Garden Club.
Although the garden is within hearing distance of the Atlantic Ocean,
you'd never know you were at the beach when you stroll through
the Arboretum.
It showcases horticultural displays and botanical collections
native to and suitable for the Outer Banks' unique coastal microclimates:
wetlands, maritime forest, and beach dunes.
The Arboretum also hosts plant testing of immigrant plants, both salt and pest resistant.
that have adapted to the local, often harsh, environment.
The walkway leading to the gardens
is imprinted with all different types of leaves
and pine needles.
Decorative stepping stones accent the paths.

Saturday was special since the Arboretum was hosting a plant sale. Local vendors and craftsmen displayed their wares. Here's one of my favorite nurseries on the Outer Banks, Nature's Harmony in Mann's Harbor.
The paths and walkways were punctuated with attractive, colorful planters.
More of the imprinted walkways, since I had to take my purchases back to my truck so I could buy more stuff.
One craftsman had these unique stepping stones which I really liked, especially the blue ones in the middle which were of bachelors' buttons.
I would have liked some of those stones since, as you can see, I have quite a few bachelors' buttons in my garden.
The Elizabethan Gardens also had a display.
Just enjoy all the different flora.
The Albemarle Bonsai Society had a display.
Another trip back to the truck so I can buy even more stuff.
This is the painting in the road leading from the walkway to the Butterfly Garden which is maintained by the Dunes of Dare Garden Club.
It's quite an attractive garden, but sadly, I only saw this one butterfly.
Yup, another trip back to the truck.
Other vendors, besides plant people, had their wares on display.
I loved this display of the painted gourds.
Especially these red peppers.
Next I took a little stroll through the central garden area.
Walkways meandered through the shaded garden.
I really liked the color of this lady's outfit and I told her so when we passed.
Benches were scattered throughout so one could just sit and be calm and take in the beauty.
The smell of the honeysuckle was delicious.
A little bridge led the way to the Aquatic Garden.
I really liked this picture. If you have the opportunity, please visit the Outer Banks Arboretum You'll be glad you did.
Here's Dixie checking out my purchases. And she always smells my tires whenever I return to see where I've been and if there was any good road kill.
I bought a real pretty pink astilbe.
That's indigo in the foreground. And huechera in the middle. And if anyone can identify the plant in the background please do. It's a branching plant with delicate pink blooms. Here are closeups of the leaves and blooms. The nursery man told me it was "adetsia." And that would be the phonetic spelling as best I understood him. I've Googled it and have come up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
Align Center
The plant ladies were offering these free "green bags" for carrying our purchases.
And in case you didn't know,
that's Russian for Faberge. And now you know.

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Queenneenee said...

oh, I would have spent a gazillion bucks there! What a beautiful place. You're a lucky lady to live so close to such beauty!