Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dixie And The Hawthorne Puppies.

Here's a video of Dixie being her bad-ass self. And here's more of Dixie asserting herself.
Junior likes to sit underneath my butcher block. I think he feels safe there.
Beau and Giada taking a break.
All the little Hawthornes are either at work or out partying tonight and Nana was left to read a bedtime story
to all the Hawthorne Puppies.
Giada came up to my bedroom at 6 this morning for me to let her out. And of course Beau and Junior needed to go out since certain Hawthorne children didn't come home last night.
I am really not at my peak form at 6 in the morning.
I was trying to imagine Mama Hawthorne
doing something like this,
but the mental images just would not form
and my brain started to hurt
and I got that facial tic
so I stopped thinking about it
and I'm better now.

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