Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Crabmeat. Why, It's Crabmeat Crostini!

Go ahead and feast your eyes on the money shot. Is your mouth watering yet?
After a delicious crabmeat salad on endive leaves for lunch, I wanted more crabmeat for dinner. And I'm thinking crabmeat crostini.
And in case you're wondering, crostini is Italian for "little toasts." (Not only do I watch Giada, but I listen too.)
My ingredients: About 3-4 ounces of butter About 3-4 ounces of cream cheese About 3-4 ounces brie Little slivers of red, orange, yellow, and green peppers 1 green onion 1/2 orange 1/2 lemon the rest of my crabmeat, maybe 10 ounces Sherry
First, I melted the butter with the cream cheese and brie.
Heat and stir until the mixture smooth.
Add in the crabmeat.
Add in juice of 1/2 orange.
And the juice of 1/2 lemon.
Minced peppers go in.
And a few tablespoons of sherry. (To taste.)
And add in the sliced green onions and heat through. This, as it is, would make a wonderful dip, but I'm going with crostini topped with the crabmeat.
I sliced my French baguette into diagonals, drizzled with olive oil, and toasted under the broiler.
Top the toasted crostini with the crabmeat mixture and sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese over top.
Pop back under the broiler and toast until the Parmesan is melted.
Bon appetit!
I still have a lot of the crabmeat mixture left so I'm coming up with another recipe to use that. You'll just have to wait. But I promise, it's going to be very, very good.
I love crabmeat and this was perfect. Nice crunchy, toasty crostini with a rich and creamy crabmeat topping that was crabby, buttery, with a hint of sherry and not disguised or overpowered by the additions. A delightful appetizer.


Marilyn said...

That looks wonderful. I may have to spring for some lump crab meat soon.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

I'm drooling over here!