Friday, May 22, 2009

Middle Hawthorne Requests My Vegetable Stir Fry With Seared Pork Medallions.

Here's our dinner, a night or so ago, made especially for Middle Hawthorne. The other afternoon,
I had my computer on with this particular post
from my blog displayed.
Middle Hawthorne happened to walk by and see it
and I do believe it captured his fancy.
So I made another version of it for dinner.
My stir fry ingredients, clockwise from top left:
Top cutting board:
Assorted peppers
Crinkly-cut carrots
Mushrooms Rosie Hint # 152: When cutting veggies and meat for stir frying, cut in uniform sizes, so everything cooks evenly.
Bottom right cutting board:
Sliced garlic
Mini red and white onions
Bottom left cutting board:
Bok choy (stalk and leaves)
I made a cornstarch slurry with equal parts
corstarch and cold water. (3-4 TB each)
I added in soy sauce and some of my veal stock.
(You could use beef or chicken. I'd prefer beef stock when using pork.)
I heated my wok,
then added the oil
and heated that up.
I sauteed my shrooms first
then added the onions.
Broccoli went in next for about a 30 second stir ...
along with the carrots.
Celery went in.
Assorted peppers got added.
Bok choy stalks.
And lastly bok choy leaves.
Stir frying is quite simple
and a quick way to produce a lovely meal.
Just line up your ingredients
in the order of how long they take to cook
with the longest cooking time veggies going in first.
And most importantly,
Trust me.
Add in the next veggie before the first veggie is cooked.
Keep your wok hothot
and work quickly.
Before all the veggies were done,
I added the corn starch slurry
and just heated through to thicken.
Turn off heat.
I still had the marinating pork medallions
from the other day
and they went into a hot pan with a combination
of oil and butter.
(I use either canola, vegetable, sometimes corn,
and my favorite is peanut oil,
but that's hard for me to find here,
and when I do find it at Harris Teeter,
it's too expensive.)
I cooked the pork about 3-4 minutes on each side
and poured the marinade in the pan to cook after I had seared the pork on the second side.
Bubbling marinade and seared pork medallions.
Good stuff.
Wokked veggies. Seared pork. Rice. And guess what. No leftovers. Life is good.


Reeni said...

That's a gorgeous stir-fry! I'm still working on my stir-fry skills, thanks for the tips!

Donna-FFW said...

I would request this also!