Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's My Friday Morning.

Whilst I was trying to tie up loose ends on Friday morning, I got a phone call from Daughter Hawthorne, inquiring about Giada's well-being, since I had been in charge of Giada while DH spent the night out. You know, I've raised three children to semi-adulthood. I think I'm capable of taking care of a dog for a night while the dog sleeps. After I assured her Giada was indeed just fine, thank you very much, she let me know she was on the way home. About 4 seconds later, as I was halfway out the front door, taking the trash out, the phone rang again. I figgered it was Daughter calling to phone in her breakfast order. But, alas, no.
She wasn't calling in her breakfast order at that time. Daughter Hawthorne, You are such a smart, intelligent young woman. Why are you such at dumbass at times? Well, it did turn out that DH was hungry and wanted breakfast as soon as she got home. I got home ahead of her since I'd given her $$$$$ for gas. I fixed toast, scrambled eggs with cheeses, and fried bacon. Along with making coffee. While I was doing all that, Youngest Hawthorne called, on his way home, to ask if there was anything to eat for lunch. No, there's no food in the freakin' house. I whupped him up a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon inside, and chili on the side. Then Xmaskatie called. She was in town. Did I want to go out to eat lunch with her. "Sorry, but I'm kind of busy cooking breakfast and lunch for the Little Hawthornes." "OK, well I'll just come eat with you." "OK, stop and pick up Chinese." "What???? You mean I can't just call in like your children do and order my meal????" "I can fix you grilled cheese and chili." "Howzabout I stop at Billy's and pick up some seafood?" "Sounds like a plan." Xmaskatie brought Mahi Mahi, which I love.
I again made blackened Mahi Mahi, the same way I did it the night before.
And I steamed 2 ears of corn.
And drizzled melted butter over top. I think Xmaskatie would agree that this was a lovely meal and a meal you just can't get at a restaurant. Or at least none I've found. I haven't had anything this good at any restaurant. And that's truly sad. Because most people identify a restaurant meal as their bench mark for quality and I've sadly found out years ago that it just ain't so. The bad thing about living in a resort town, is that many restaurants just walk the walk and talk the talk. So many down here are only open during tourist season. These obviously don't care about the locals. They know they make their money from the blind tourists who come down here during the season. And there's ALWAYS a new batch of tourons every week. So it's never-ending. Below-par restaurants feed off of tourons with indiscriminate palates. Don't get me wrong. There are good restaurants down here, but you just need to know where to go for what. Some year-round restaurants, (not franchises but independently owned establishments), offer excellent food and quality and integrity to appeal to both the locals and the tourists. Some may take a few weeks off to take a much needed break /vacation to re-group, do maintenance, and focus on what they do. And I applaud them. The consistently good and safe-feeling and comforting and inviting restaurants are the ones I frequent. You want names? I'll give you names. Lucky Twelve Tavern. Kill Devil Grill. (Sorry, no web site for them.) Darrell's. Kelly's Outer Banks Restaurant And Tavern. (Which we frequent only once a year for their Taste of the Beach dinner menu. You have to understand that Mr. Hawthorne and I only go to restaurants for lunch, never dinner. So that's where my judgment comes in. The lunch menu should be indicative of the dinner menu. Only cheaper. And I don't like a big meal for dinner. Hence, I don't go out for dinner.) Unfortunately, mediocrity rules. And that's a shame. And even worse, most people don't even know the difference. >End of rant.< Here's more fun from Friday:
Here's Dixie frolicking in the pool. And more of poor, disadvantaged Dixie. Most children should have it so well. And that indeed is sad.

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Anonymous said...

I think EH was giving you the finger while putting the gas in her car.
I knew I couldn't buy a better lunch anywhere else, and I'm so glad a raw piece of mahi is an acceptable hostess gift. Thanks for making lunch.
LOVE Dixie's crossed paws in the water.