Friday, May 22, 2009

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, And Then Some.

I love my children. Really I do. And all three are now home from graduate school and colleges. With their dogs. And I love their dogs. Really I do. I am a Dog Person. That said. They've been here 2 days and something's gotta change, else I'm outta here like a bat outta hell.
Here's Sweet Dixie. I am her human. She owns me totally, and has for the past almost eleven years. She deserves her place in this home.
And she doesn't like this turn of events what with all the newbies here.
This is Junior, Youngest Hawthorne's puppy, rolling around on Dixie's old pillow. (I had to buy Dixie a new one because of all the puppy smells on her old one.)
This is Beau. Middle Hawthorne's puppy. He's an American Bull Dog. And he's sweet as he can be. He loves Mr. Hawthorne and tries to climb up in his lap and lick his ears every chance he gets.
Here are Bo-Bo and June-Bug. That's what I call them.
Dixie is lying in the kitchen, guarding her food.
She appears to be stressed. No shit. She takes her cues from me.
Middle and Youngest Hawthornes arrived home with Beau and Junior Tuesday afternoon. Daughter Hawthorne arrived with Giada on Thursday afternoon. Giada and Junior had missed each other terribly during their 48 hours away from each other
(Giada and Junior live together.), so they're making up for lost time here, as Bo Bo comes up to sniff Giada's butt.
Frolicking puppies.
More puppy fun.
Junior and Giada having Puppy Moments.
Giada and Beau taking naps.
Junior and Dixie's Ducky passed out.
Dixie. Pissed off at the shenanigans I've allowed to go on in HER house. I've noticed that when the little rascals are all cavorting,
Dixie retreats to the kitchen, her pillow,
or off in another area,
trying to distance herself from the young upstarts.
When the puppies are asleep, outdoors, or somehow away,
that's when Dixie gets up and active.
I've been trying to spend extra time with her
and take more of our special walks,
all of which seems to calm her (and me) down.
This is a stressful period for all of us,
meaning Mr. Hawthorne, Dixie, and me.
And we're all trying to deal with it the best we can.
What a beautiful face!
How could you not love that face?
More happy puppies.
Dixie likes to get away from the other doggies so she goes into the kitchen. But Giada, being the only other female dog, likes to position herself near Dixie. Even though Dixie hates it,
she tolerates it.
The last two photos and the next two happened within five seconds.
"If I close my eyes and go to sleep
I'll wake up later and realize this has all
been a very bad dream."
Bo-Bo asleep.
Junior, on Dixie's pillow, asleep. Dixie ain't gonna like that.
This goes on ALL.DAY.LONG. It's going to be a loooooooong summer.


Kathy said...

Okay, next time I am down there, we're going out on the town.

Ken said...

Oh, wow. Your house looks like my parents' house when I bring Kenna home for Christmas. They usually calm down after a week or so, but none of them are puppies. I have heard that if you hold your dog's ears and rub them in a circular motion, that helps to calm them down and it does seem to work for Kenna. Good luck!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks for the tip, Ken. I'll try it with my ears first.

Marilyn said...

Poor Rosie.