Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hawthorne Puppies And Dogwood Chill.

Rosie usually has a bunch of posts-to-be in draft form in case she hits a funk in the kitchen or in case she loses her MoJo. Don't worry. Rosie has her funk, she has her groove, and she has her MoJo. She's got the Trifecta, the Trinity, and her Sofrito. I've been reading, and researching, and happily cooking for two days. I'll condense everything for you. So far, my food has been quite good, some exciting (I'm trying a new cuisine.), and some interesting, and all good. Until I encapsulate my culinary experiences, I give you canine and feline interactivity.
Late afternoon. Dixie. Back left. Alpha. Beau. On sheet. Back right. Could be Bad-Ass-Alpha. Cedes to Dixie. Beau's a gentleman. Giada is lying in the front. Junior is the center. He's the happy one.
Junior wants to play.
Giada tends to her ass.
And here's the absolutely regal Dogwood. In my Auntie Beth's Leather Chair.
Dogwood likes to interact avec moi.
He also likes to have grande movements.
Dogwood always likes to poke my camera with his paw.
Then, Dogwood wants to give me the eye.
I know Daw Haw will love these pictures.
I thought you'd like these pics of Dogwood.
I think this might be my favorite. You know? About 30 years ago, I used to be a photographer.
Maybe i still am.
Dogwood is an excellent subject. Sleep away, Dogwood.
What happened was Giada and Junior came over to where I was taking pictures of Dogwood. Dogwood was ensconced in his favorite chair. Junior and Giada wanted to be in the moment.
Dogwood says EFF U. The moment is over.


Hornsfan said...

They are just adorable!

Marilyn said...

Cats make the best photograph subjects - but only if they want to.

Rose II said...

The first pic of Dogwood would make a great oil painting!

tortietat said...

Love the shots of Dogwood....he seems to be a very mellow fellow.