Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aarti's Recipe. Step 5. Rosie Assembles Everything.

Here's Rosie's rendition of Artie's meal:
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A little toasted pita bread at top left, skewered lamb kabob in a pool of pomegranate molasses, cucumber raita to the left of the skewer, non-Bengali spiced potatoes at bottom left, and Rosie's tabbouleh at bottom right. I love lamb. I love mint with lamb. I love the pomegranate reduction. I love the lamb with the pomegranate. I'd never had anything like these potatoes before. I must say, I'm liking the warmth of the spices and enjoying the cool, refreshing raita - a welcome complement. It was ... different. And I like different. I'd do it again. And I've always said, "Indian food looks like crap, but tastes great!" Is there anything Indian about this? My apologies to whomever I have offended.


Ken said...

An Indian friend of mine made me some potatoes that looked a lot like yours. I think she added peas to hers, too. They were so good, though.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hi Ken,
Peas would've been really good in this. The greenness and sweetness and peaness would have added a lot.