Friday, July 30, 2010

Rosie, Maxine, And Carmen Visit The Danville Community Market.

Last Saturday, our little trio visited the Danville Community Market, which is located in the downtown historic tobacco district across from the train center and the Danville Science Center.
Carmen parked in the shade next to this friendly little Airedale.
He reminded me a lot of Dixie - same type and color of hair.
And here's the market. We have produce. We have baked goods. We have artisans and craftsmen displaying their wares. And we have three wary characters sitting at an empty table eyeing me suspiciously.
I had recently read about Sleepy Goat Farm in my Our State magazine. The July issue featured 100 foods you must eat in North Carolina's 100 counties. Sleepy Goat Cheese was listed for Caswell County and Pelham, NC, which is not far at all from Danville. They had free samples, but we were getting ready to go on the Danville Riverwalk, and I didn't want to be scarfing down goat cheese when all I had was a bottle of 85-degree water and 98-degree heat.
Tomahawk Mill Winery, from Chatham, Virginia, had a booth to display their wines.
The little old ladies were out in full force with their beading and crocheting projects.
Carmen and Maxine, checking out the soaps, lotions, and candles.
My personal favorites
at the Community Market are the Tomb Toppers.
Who wouldn't want a solar angel
illuminating their plot?
Apparently, tomb toppers are big business in The Big D.
The old Danville train station.
After checking out all the tables and buying nothing, we left for the Riverwalk Trail.

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Marilyn said...

Tomb toppers? That sounds so gloomy. Here we'd call them grave stone toppers, though I guess that's just as dreary.

I love city markets, though.