Thursday, July 15, 2010

What The Hawthornes Have Been Eating. Grilled Dinner. London Broil And Zucchini.

Monday night dinner. $$ shot. Courtesy of Mr. Hawthorne. The phood, that is. I do the photos.
One of my favorite summer vegetables is zucchini.
Mr. Hawthorne drizzled ELBOO over top - a "cooking lubricant" he called it - and cracked some salt and pepper.
Junior, chillin'.
Dixie, having sweet dreams, about concrete blocks tied to Giada's and Beau's feet. A canal or swimming pool features prominently.
There's another recurring dream Dixie has. It involves Giada and Beau surrounded by a band of very large, rabid, vicious, foaming, feral cats.
Junior. Being Junior.
Mr. Hawthorne slapped a London Broil ($2.49 at Food Lion last week) on the grill.
He cooked this approximately 3 minutes on each side. As Mr. Hawthorne said, "You gotta know your grill." And he does. Mr. Hawthorne uses a large gas grill on the deck we bought when we started on our kitchen remodel in September of 2007. We intended to cook everything on the grill during the remodel, but one thing we didn't figure in: the only place we had to clean anything was the bathtub. So we ended up not grilling much during the remodel. We have made up for this since then. As to gas grill vs. charcoal, Mr. Hawthorne says he has become "complacent" with the gas grill. He uses the gas grill since it's so convenient, but acknowledges it is no substitute for charcoal. As he said, "I've adapted to loss of flavor because of the convenience. But you just can't beat an open-fire grill."
Upon turning the meat over, Mr. Hawthorne set out the oiled, salted, and peppered slices of a fresh zucchini straight from my garden.
Then he magically transported himself back to the kitchen and sauteed huge, honkin' heaps of portabellos.
I like that wisp of smoke.
Portobellos ready.
Junior and Dixie. Dixie is slightly fond of Junior. She tolerates him. Junior loves Dixie. He always wants to be next to her. And she allows it.
This wouldn't happen with the other two and Dixie.
Here's our meal. Expertly grilled London Broil and zucchini slices.
Ain't it purty?
Sauteed portabellos and baked potatoes.
Dixie relaxing after a busy day of jumping into and swimming in the pool. There's the ubiquitous pair of shoes left on the deck.
Beau. Nose is in high gear.
Giada. Looking for a handout.
What a beautiful face. Would you call those eyes "soulful?" I'd call those soulful eyes.
Rare beef. Grilled zuke. Buttery baked potato. Meaty portabello.
I think grilled zucchini is now my new BFF - Best Food Forever.
Baked potato with buttah.
Rich, meaty, almost liver-like portabello. And liver is a good thing. I remember when I was little, Mama Hawthorne made calf's liver at least once a week for me. I imagine I was the only child who actually loved liver. Mama's was wonderful. I loved the thick, smooth, velvety texture. I loved the taste. It was ... intense. I remember loving liver. Haven't had calf's liver in a while. I never see it in the meat section, but it's probably in the frozen section. Never had it frozen before. The last time I remember having calf's liver was when I was pregnant with Daughter Hawthorne, first winter of 1985, and I was home alone and decided to make calf's liver for my lunch. I salted, peppered, sugared, and lightly floured my slice of liver, sauteed it in butter, added in some sliced onions, and it was heaven. Once again, I was transported to a time and place long ago. And it was good. But I digress. Back to tonight's dinner.What a nice meal this was. Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne, for another lovely repast.


tortietat said...

I loved liver when I was a child....Mama fried it crispy and brown and we had brown gravy and rice to go with it.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

tortie, That's the way Mama fixed it for me.

Kathy said...

Liver is the repository for the body's toxins. Don't know why anyone would want to eat it. There are plenty of other places to get your iron that aren't full of poison.

Uh, I don't eat liver. Could you tell?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh for Sandra's Sake, Kathy.
I bet (KNOW!) you don't eat an oyster either.
And just for the record, I like toxins. They make me stronger.

Then ...

Acknowledge your inner toxins and allow them to release.

Woodduck said...

Ok, I have a plan to save my favorites of your blog. I create a shortcut to my desktop and then create a file to keep them in! YES!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Woodduck, I am honored. I'll try to live up to your expectations.