Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Have The Hawthornes Been Eating.? Guac And Softshells.

After my spring roll sitchayshun in which I forgot both the rice and the avocado, I needed to use up the avocado immediately, if not sooner.
Looks like guacamole is on the horizon.
Youngest Hawthorne started on the guac honors. He scooped the avocado flesh out, juiced a lime over it and proceeded to mash it masterfully. Then he got a call to go spearfishing and was outta here like a bat outta hell. (And, yes, he speared a trigger fish and cooked it for supper over at a friend's house. What's wrong with that picture?)
So Mr. Hawthorne took over. Half a red jalapeno, minced. Half a green jalapeno, minced. Some red onion, chopped.
Rest of the lime. Some salt and pepper.
Rich. Creamy. With a bite.
Cool and green. Nice citrus going on. Pop of a pepper every now and then. Then something happened that is a rare occurrence. It's late afternoon and the sun is directly on the stainless steel refrigerator so you can see every fingerprint, every smudge, every thing. And for some reason - alignment of planets? - it bothered Mr. Hawthorne this time. So much so, that ...
... he cleaned the fridge.
I believe I've mentioned he can be a tad anal.
Fast forward a few hours to dinner:
Soft shell crabs. Tartar sauce. Corn cut off the cob, sauteed in bacon grease with onions, a little flour thrown in, some cream, and bacon pieces. My Pig and Shack Sauce and my mango/pineapple/habanero sauce.
The front claws of a soft shell are my favorite pieces. And, well, you know about Rosie and her lemons. Please ...


SweetPhyl said...

is that a Pauler Deen t-shirt Mr. H is wearing while polishing the fridge? Say it ain't so! Or maybe it's just a Cracker Barrel shirt? Inquiring minds want to know...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

SweetPhyl, I bought that T-shirt at the DanView Restaurant in Danville, Va. Mr. Hawthorne and I go there for breakfast before heading back to the Outer Banks.