Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early Dinner At Skeeter's.

Mr. Hawthorne and I rarely go out to dinner - usually only when on a road trip. But last Thursday evening, or rather Thursday afternoon, we decided to hit Skeeter's on Colington Road. Skeeter's is the latest incarnation of a series of restaurants at this particular address on Colington Road. When we first moved here in '84, I believe this was originally a bait shop. The first restaurant here was Colington Cafe. They were successful and outgrew the building, later moving a ways up the road to their current location. Since then, I can't count or remember the number of restaurants that have tried it here.
Anyways, I decided to go after reading fellow Outer Banks blogger Russ' posts about Skeeter's.
Yeah, baby. It's Thursday. And it's 4:01.
Here's the menu for Asian night.
And here's their regular menu.
I was happy to eat at 4 in the afternoon, wondering to myself who eats at 4. Apparently, no one besides us. As you can see, Mr. Hawthorne and I had the place to ourselves.
Our waitress, Michelle, was knowledgeable, friendly, and very personable. Our service was excellent.
We ordered Vietnamese rolls - rice, pork, cilantro, and peanuts loosely wrapped, with soy sauce and nuoc nam on the side. I think I'll be making my own nuoc nam in the future.
Crab rangoon and spring rolls. Why yes, those are my five pieces of lemon in the background. (One's already in my glass.) Spring rolls were a tad on the oily side, but still good.
Pork, rice, cabbage, and carrot filled spring rolls.
Crab rangoon could have used more crab,
but then that's the complaint I always have about crab rangoon anywhere except at my house.
Here's my Vietnamese roll.
Pork, rice, cilantro, and peanuts.
This was quite good.
The Asian Scallops were excellent. Perfectly seared. Sadly, not enough of them. They were served on a bed of rice topped with a vegetable medley - diced zucchini, tomato, shredded carrot, cabbage, and tomato. The squiggle on the left is a hot red chili sauce.
A creamy wasabi sauce topped the scallops.
Not enough scallops! All in all, a very pleasant dining experience, made more so by the fact that we were the only diners. Mr. Hawthorne's only negative comment was that he didn't like the name of the place. "I don't want to eat somewhere named after a blood-sucking insect," I believe is what he said. I would like to see a place here be successful, but I'd also like to see a place here open for lunch. Like I said, we generally don't do dinner, but since we were here at 4:01 I consider that a late lunch. Give 'em a try and see how you like Skeeter's.

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zzzadig said...

When you make that Nuoc Nam, forget the dry red pepper. Use fresh minced Thai peppers and chopped cilantro. Beides, you can call it a variation of Prik Dong and amuse the guests. Believe it or not, pickled ginger is Khing Dong...

Your ball.