Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday Night Thunderstorm.

After several weeks of temperatures in the mid to high 90's, we finally got a bit of relief Wednesday night in the form of a glorious thunderstorm.
I love watching the clouds change and the front approach.
The pictures directly above and below were taken on the "Dusk/Dawn" setting on my camera. It gives you more saturated color for a dramatic effect.
Back to the regular setting for this one.
I love watching the sky and the light change.
Boats were rushing back to beat the storm.
And here comes the rain.
Giada and Dogwood were having a lovely time watching the rain.
Enjoy my storm videos:
Unfortunately, the sepia color of the light didn't make it to the video.
You can't tell in the video that it's getting darker and darker out here. That's because your automatic meter wants to make everything "average." It automatically lightens dark objects and darkens light objects. Your light meter reads everything at 18% gray. So if it sees white, it wants to change it to gray. If it sees black, it wants to change it to gray. This is why your camera has an exposure override control. If you're shooting in snow or at the beach, set your override at +1 or +2 or more. Better yet, try all the settings to see which works best. You want to OVER expose to make snow or the beach sand white instead of gray. If you're shooting a dark object and want it to be dark, set your override at -1 or -2. You want to UNDER expose to make the object dark instead of gray. I hope that made sense to you. I do know what I'm talking about.
It's getting a bit thick in here.
Hmmmm. Did Rosie burn something in the kitchen?

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