Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rosie Fixes Herself A Shrimp, Spinach, And Cheese Quesadilla.

Rosie checked out her fridge
to see what Moreovers she could make for lunch today. I have fresh spinach from the Eggs Benedict on Sunday. I have shrimp from the 4th of July. I have baby bellas and red pepper from the Rack Of Rapidly Rotting Rations at the Teeter. I have a plan.
Rosie Hint #1: One should always have a plan. I plan on having a glass of wine.
Quesadilla! I wiped off my Baby Bellas with a paper towel, ...
... roughly sliced them, ...
... and dropped them into a hot pan with ELBOO and LOLUB.
Saute for a bit ...
... and add in fresh spinach.
Cook spinach down ...
... and add spinach and shroom mixture on half of a tortilla.
I sliced jumbo cooked shrimp and placed on the bed of spinach and mushrooms.
Next I placed red pepper slices and red onion circles and arcs atop. Then I recognized I'd screwed up. Cheese is a component in this dish. I had put no cheese in it. "So why not just put it on the top," you ask? No. Doesn't work that way. This filling needs to have a base of cheese and a topping of cheese. The quesadilla will be folded over and each side lightly sauteed in ELBOO. You need the cheese on the top and the bottom. So what I did was put grated mozzarella, queso, and pepper jack on the bare upper half of the above tortilla, flipped the spinach/mushroom/shrimp/onion/pepper mixture on top of it, flipped it around so the mixture is in the front and the spinach is on top, and opened it up. To this:
Gotta have that cheese on the bottom.
Gotta have that cheese on the top. One must have that yin and yang. They will bring harmony in the middle.
Fold it over and place in just a film of ELBOO over medium-low heat. Lightly saute each side until it's a pretty brown. Since my quesadilla was so thick, I covered the pan so the shrimp would heat through and the cheeses melt.
Blot with a paper towel and plate. Yes, I said blot. This is so light, there's no drain on paper towels involved.
Ahhhh. The harmony of blended cheeses.
Look at that light crust. I can't get that at a restaurant. Or maybe, I should say, I've never gotten that at a restaurant.
Delicate, succulent shrimp peeking out.
Oceany goodness with garden and cow thrown in. What could be better? Excellent quesadilla.

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I gotta make me one of them