Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aarti's Recipe. Step 2. Ground Lamb Kofto Kebabs With Pomegranate Glaze.

When I started posting the steps in Aarti's recipe, I first Googled Persian cucumbers when I made her non-Persian cucumber raita. For this post, I Googled Kofto Kebabs and the Food Network crack monkeys who do their website are still your basic incompetent asses. It's Kofta not Kofto. And just for fun, see if you can find Aarti's recipe on The Food Network web site. Just try it. I actually had to go back in my History to July 3 to find it. Could NOT navigate their site. Idiots. Rosie is going through Aarti's recipe one step at a time. My last post I made Cucumber Raita. I'll be making the lamb kabobs now. And Donna? That would be Donna of My Tasty Treasures blogdom. Are you reading? Because I think you'll like these. Wink Wink
Skewered seasoned lamb cylinders in a pomegranate molasses reduction. I thought these quite lovely. My ingredients: One pound ground lamb. Some more ingredients:
about 2 cups fresh parsley about 1 cup mint 1 shallot, roughly chopped zest of 1 lemon 3 cloves garlic, minced
The rest of the ingredients:
Parsley/mint mixture (I simply put the parsley, mint, shallot, and garlic in the processor and gave it a few pulses. Then I added in the zest.) ground lamb salt and pepper 1 teaspoon baking soda
I added the herb mixture to the lamb ...
... and squished away. This is a job for your hands, not forks and spoons.
After some good squishing and kneading, I added in a teaspoon of baking soda. I have absolutely no idea what the baking soda is for.
The instructions in Aarti's recipe say, "Knead until the mixture turns sticky, looks like a piece of knitted fabric, and holds it shape." I'm not sure I understand the knitted fabric part but I did the best I could do.
One pound of lamb meat makes 15 golf ball-sized balls.
This smells wonderful already.
Shape the balls into cylinders.
Skewer through the middle lengthwise and rub your meat all the way down to smooth it and even it out. (12)
Lay the skewers on a baking sheet ...
... drizzle with oil ...
... and twirl to coat each skewer.
Mr. Hawthorne grilled my kabobs
along with some chicken breasts.
Generously brush the kabobs with the pomegranate mixture. (Recipe to come in next post.) Be sure you reserved some of the pomegranate mixture for plating. Don't want to use the mixture that has been contaminated by raw lamb.
Keep rolling and basting the kabobs until browned - about 6 minutes.
You know how Rosie likes her fires.
Pour some of the reserved pomegranate mixture over top. Little lamb links in a pool of pomegranate perfection. Excellent. Stay tuned for the Pomegranate Glaze.

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