Monday, July 4, 2011

Colington Harbour Fourth Of July Boat Parade.

Happy Fourth of July!
Welcome to Colington Harbour's Annual Fourth Of July Boat Parade.
It's always been annual except for one year a few years back. The Powers That Be in Colington capriciously said NO! to the boat parade in retaliation for the previous year's boaters who actually had the audacity to lob water balloons at each other. They were swiftly punished by "No Parade This Year Cuz You Was Bad Last Year!" So remember, folks, if you have too much fun this year, you might have to pay for it next year.
It is a known fact that Colingtonians know how to party. Many thanks to Rose II, one of my readers, who suggested I embed code for my videos instead of linking to Youtube. Didn't know to do that and figgered out how to. Heh. Rosie can embed!

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Rose II said...

Awesome, glad you figured it out! Thanks for the shoutout.