Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dixie And Glowria Frolic In The Pool.

Dixie has had to stay out of the pool for two days now
since I applied her tea and flick medicine.
Today, she was able to jump back in. Flying ears!
Sadly, Dixie is having some issues with her back legs. Loss of muscle tone. Lack of strength.
She's swimming more vertically than horizontally.
And I think it's a relief to her when she gets to the shallow end. She can push off the bottom with her back legs. Every morning, Dixie is eager to go on our walk/trot/run around the neighborhood. I'm giving her aspirin, glucosamine chondroitin, and fish oil everyday. I don't want to start her on cortisone. Please, anyone out there have any recommendations? Our friend Glowria, marathoner and fitness buff, called yesterday to see if she could come over and nurse a knee injury in the pool.
Dixie was ecstatic to be back in the pool again. Glowria's doctor recommended she try running in the deep end of the pool. Here she is valiantly trying to run with Mr. Hawthorne's buoy. Problem was, she couldn't run forward. She ended up pinned by the buoy on the opposite side of the pool. Poor Glowria. Glowria decided she needs a noodle. Link
Glowria tries to maneuver. Poor Glowria. Dixie tries to swim. Poor Dixie. Near the end of the video, I wonder what Dixie turned back to look at. Perhaps it was Glowria floundering.
Dixie's a happy puppy.
Uh oh. We have a sinkie-dinkie. Glowria to the rescue. Uh oh there.
Mr. Hawthorne watched this video and asked, "Does Glowria know how to swim? I don't think Glowria can swim."
Dixie had a happy day. So did Rosie. Come back, Glow! And bring your noodle.


Dogmama13 said...

Miss Rosie, I have recently discovered "Eidon" joint support liquid. I have had my elderly dog on everything you mentioned plus Deramaxx for years, yet my old girl continued to decline. I added the Eidon on the suggestion of my sister who gives it to her German Sheppard. I was at wits end and willing to try anything. To my surprise it works like a charm. She is jumping on the furniture and getting down without my help. She can jump on the bed again. It truly has been amazing. I am not a vet or associated with the company for the product but I highly recommend it just from experience. I just hope it continues to help. Love me some Dixie and I have been worried about her in the deep end of the pool as I can tell she has been having more troubles. I give my girl the entire tablespoon which is recommended for adults. Cheers, Barbara (a long time reader and sometimes poster from the left coast)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Barbara. I'll give it a try.

Dixie has good days and bad days. Today was a good one. :)

Dogmama13 said...

I know about those good and bad days. It's so sad to watch our fur babies age. I rescue older dogs and one of the last ones I had got Adequin shots in alternate hips which helped with her hind legs, but it was seriously expensive. My vet told me they do it in the back of the neck now and can be administerd at home much like you do with Dixie's tea and flick meds only with a syringe. That's anohter option but very costly.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Dogmama, we'll see how the Eidon goes. And I do recall Dixie was previously on Deramaxx with no help.

I appreciate your help so much.
Thank you.