Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Of Rosie's Garden.

Rosie is quite happy with her garden right now.
 The mulch has been spread. 
We've had two rains in two days. 
Life is good.
 I walk out on my deck.
 I see this:
LinkMy island garden.
 Bird bath.
 Allysum which self seeds.
 Peruvian daffodil
I've got allysum, day lilies, daisies,
 poppies, statice, and probably some other stuff in here. 
Ahhh. The bench
. Mr. Hawthorne and the boys left on January 25th, 
in the snow, maybe 15 years ago,
 and went over the bridge into Currituck.
 On the mainland, it was snowing furiously. 
He got the bench for me for my birthday.
 I remember the boys enjoyed the snow so much.
 Maxine gave me that lovely red rose bush which thrives.
 It's on the right, below the bench.
 Hibiscus and lantana on the left. 
Gerbera daisies, Mexican sage, assorted heirloom tomatoes.

I'm trying to delicately unravel my moon flower vines ... 
and train them to go up into my bay tree.
 This is a plan that will work. 
Lemon grass and sorrel. 
This is looking down from the south side of the deck.
 The herb garden has been enlarged. 
You can never have too many herbs
. I find these shells interesting.
 Some go clockwise.
 Some counterclockwise. 
 I was thinking about taking wine bottles
 and sticking them in neck down to make a border.
 But I see problems with weed-whacking.
 I see shards. I see Danger, Will Robinson. 
 Mr. Hawthorne and I need to go up to the Northern Beaches 
and find more shells with which to outline this bed. 

I need to finish mulching the tomatoes,
tomatillos, cukes, zukes, and squash.

XKT brought me this Laurentia,
 which Orchidgal ID'd last year. 
And XKT brought me this Scented Geranium
which actually is not a geranium.
 It's of the genus Pelargonium. 
Thai purple-flowered basil.

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