Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dixie Has Fun In The Pool.

This post is especially for Dogmama, who is concerned about my DixieDog. Dixie's doing well these days, Dogmama. I haven't yet received the joint support supplements I ordered from I hope that makes a difference.
Compare Dixie in this picture ...
... with Dixie in this picture.
Now compare Dixie in this picture ...
... with Dixie in this picture. She never varies from jump to jump. Not a waiver.
This is Dixie chillin'. She's in the shallow end and likes to hang.
Time to move again.
Dixie likes bubbles.
Ready? 1-2-3-JUMP!
Dixie likes to wipe off in the grape vines.
I didn't even plant those grapes. A little bird or a flooding did.
I love the extra splash in this video. She does that a lot.


Dogmama13 said...

Miss Rosie, thanks for the Dixie-vision, love that so much. The pirouettes are priceless. I know she's always done that and I don't recall seeing that in the beginning of this summer when she jumped in the pool. So good to see her doing so well. I know my Ella (blind/diabetic rescue that went to heaven in January this year) chattered her teeth like that as she got older and was cold. Thank you for the afternoon entertainment. Barbara

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you, Dogmama.


Marilyn said...

Lovely Dixie. Playing young will keep Dixie feeling young.ree

tortietat said...

I'm glad she still enjoys the pool; exercising in the water is easier on her joints. She's probably lost some of her body fat which allows her to feel the cold more. I have a skinny friend who always shivers like that when she's been in the pool!