Monday, July 18, 2011

Mr. Hawthorne Makes Pizza.

Dogwood's interest is piqued.
If you want a homemade pizza, it doesn't have to take you a long time to get a delicious pie on your plate. Watch as Mr. Hawthorne starts from semi-scratch and prepares a pizza ready to eat in 37 minutes.
At 5:53 PM, Mr. Hawthorne sprinkled a little corn meal on our pizza paddle (Thanks again, Ticky.) ...
... and spread the meal over the paddle. The little granules make it easy for the pizza to slide off without sticking when you're putting it into the oven.
Mr. Hawthorne's secret ingredient for his pizza - tortilla crust. Yes, the Hawthorne's are Semi-Ho'ing their pizza.
Grated Monterey Jack as a base.
Drizzle some tomato sauce over top.
You don't need a lot of sauce.
Give it a few shakes of granulated garlic.
And a few shakes of oregano.
Sliced onions.
Mr. Hawthorne chops peppers.
We've been keeping this ham on hand ever since we discovered it. It's terrific on my Eggs Hawthorne.
Mr. Hawthorne nuked his ham for about 30 seconds then cut it into little squares.
Add the ham ...
... the peppers ...
... and black olives.
Pretty, isn't it?
Mr. Hawthorne Semi-Ho's it with canned mushrooms.

Sacré bleu.

Beautiful tomatoes just picked.
More oregano.
More granulated garlic. A light dusting.
Mozzarella over top.
Mr. Hawthorne's pizza is ready for the oven. Time: 6:14.
Mr. Hawthorne slides the pizza onto the pizza stone. Oven is heated to 425 degrees. If you like a crispy crust, I recommend a pizza stone.
Puppies play in the meantime.
Ta daaaaaa!!!!!!! Pizza is ready. Time: 6:30.
No leftovers.
Dusting of cayenne.
The wonderful thing about pizza is that you can put whatever you want on it. Use what you have and make it yours.

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