Monday, July 11, 2011

Maxine Comes To Visit.

The Hawthornes had the pleasure of Maxine's company this weekend. Maxine comes to visit twice a year - once in the summer and again between Christmas and New Year. Good times were had by all. Friday night, we had a a meal of beef satay and lime slaw which I'll post about soon. Saturday afternoon, we had a delicious party with live music and wonderful friends. I'll be posting that too, as soon as I weed through the photos and videos and delete the incriminating and offensive ones. That may take a while.
Back to Maxine and Dixie.
Maxine always dotes on Dixie.
And Dixie loves the attention.
Dixie and Maxine even match today.
Love Maxine's hand here. Dixie is comforted.

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Marilyn said...

Lovely Dixie. So glad that she has friends who come to visit her.