Friday, July 15, 2011

Rosie's Computer.

My desktop died a few days ago.
and here are the guts. Amazing, isn't it? Basically, I'm holding my life in my hand. And that itself is a sad, but true, statement.


Marion said...

Yes, but I bet your Commodore 64 still works.

Marilyn said...

That makes a great paper weight. And that's about all it's good for now. Trust me. I know.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I haven't checked out the Commodore recently, Marion. It's safe in the utility room. I'll save it for my grandchildren, if I have any.

And Mar, I'll give this to YH for demolition. He'll have fun.
Ain't leaving no trace of my life there.

Marion said...

It's unfortunate - when G. was in the 3rd grade his school had a "take it apart center" - you wouldn't believe the number of disk drives, mother boards, tape decks, VCRs my office channeled through there. Wonderful resource. Nowadays, what do you do? And the kids thought it was better than LEGOs.