Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brine And Bottle Issue.

My rant about Brine and Bottle is over. If you check out the goings on at the Brine and Bottle website and scroll down, you will find MY photograph on their site, illustrating the Second Place Best Booth.
Here's the future: Probably should do this from now on - watermark my photographs. It's just a pain to do it since my blog is heavy on the photographs. Plus I don't like the lettering. I just want the picture.
Thanks to Marion for directing me to the Picasa instructions for this. And thanks to Mar, for sending me to some utterly nonunderstandable, unintelligible blogger crap on this issue. And Woodduck, you were right. If they can figure it out on OBXConnection, then certainly Rosie can do this. Thanks for your faith in me.
Rosie has calmed down now. She's in her blue mood. Which is a good thing. Rosie is nothing but one big mood ring. Actually, I ended up emailing Rightleftstudio, the design firm for Brine and Bottle's website, alerting them to the fact that they purloined a photograph off my blog. I imagine Brine and Bottle has no knowledge of this. Haven't heard back from Rightleftstudio or Brine and Bottle yet. See here for RLS' blurb about designing B&B's site. Again, pffft. And a hrrrrumph.

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