Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne Make Pizza.

Usually ... wait, make that always ... when I make pizza, I make my own dough.
I know, I know! You're crying, "But, that's Monkey Business!"

Well today, Mr. Hawthorne called and proudly announced, "We're having pizza tonight and I'm bringing the dough!"

Corolla Pizza and Deli is in the same building as his office and he's always raved about the pizza there. He bought dough from there and brought it home for us to add all the toppings.

Here, I've chopped the onions and have the garlic ready to go for the sauce.

I went out to my garden to get parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

I've sauteed the onions and the chopped herbs.

Next, I pressed in the garlic.
Always put the garlic in last so it doesn't burn and get bitter.

I poured in a can of tomato sauce.

Then, I added a can of chopped tomatoes with green chilles.

Mr. H. tried his best to twirl the pizza dough, but unfortunately,
he was unsuccessful.

Here's my pizza sauce, with just a few fennel seeds added in.

Mr. Hawthorne has spread out his dough.

I started sauteeing the mushrooms.
Always wait until they're finished sauteeing before salting.
If you salt early, it brings the moisture out of the mushrooms and they steam instead of sauteeing.

Here are the accoutrements for the pizza.
Green pepper, onion, sliced ham, sliced summer sausage, and sliced pepperoni.
I always nuke my pepperoni first to get the joos out.

Mr. H. spreads the sauce on the pizza.

Mr. H. adds the summer sausage, the ham, the shrooms, and the pepperoni.

Next, he meticulously adds the onions and peppers.
Yeah, he's anal that way.

And finally, the cheeses.

Pop INto a 450-degree oven until cheese is melted and nicely browned.

Wallah! Pizza.

Dixie is cool with her shades.
She bad.

She's waiting for her slice of pizza.


Marilyn said...

The pizza looks good and Dixie looks goo- er, bad!

CarolynA said...

That's a tasty dinner.

(Glad to see that Dixie wears her shades correctly, and not on the back of her head like some people)