Sunday, June 7, 2009

SNAP!!! In Living Color.

You can all blame this post
 on Mr. Hawthorne
He told me the other night
that my meal didn't "SNAP."
And that brought many images back to me.
Mama Hawthorne,
you should probably just back away now
and go to Martha Stewart or something,
But for those of you who like this sort of stuff,
I give you In Living Color.
And ...
I'm having entirely too much fun 
with the Men On Films clips.
So I offer you:
The Around The World And Back Snap @ 4:00.
Two Snaps Up In A Circle @ 3:17.
Two Snaps And Your Backfield's In Motion @5:20
(At least I think that's what they said.)
A Special Chef Boyardee Snap -
2 Snaps And Wipe Your Mouth @ 5:20
A Yet Unheard Of Zoro Snap
In Z-Formation @ 3:12
(My personal favorite.)

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