Friday, June 26, 2009

Rosie Screws Up Her Parmesan Cups.

I'm going to show you my pathetic attempt at
I grated my Parmesan cheese.
It wasn't my usual variety.
(I like Il Villagio, but HT was out of it.)
And I used 1/4 cup for each pile of cheese.
Then I flattened the piles.
And I cooked at the recommended temperature
of 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
I checked on them throughout,
added more to the baking time,
and they never browned.
I finally took the pan out
and scraped the melted goo up with a thin spatula
and draped it in my muffin tins,
pressing down to make a cup.
And here are my pitiful, sad, little
Frico cups.
Promise me you won't laugh.
I truly suck at this.
But I promise you this:
I will master the Parmesan Frico cup.
Mark my words.
And the next time I attempt this,
I'm going to coarse grate the cheese
instead of micro-rotary-grating it.
That might just be my problem. And if any of you out there have any suggestions for making the cups properly, please let me know.
So I put them in a pan,
popped them back in the oven,
and cooked until they were kind of browned. I know. I know. They're sad little melted lumps.
So I crumbled them up
and used them on my salad.
I picked some Mesclun greens mix and arugula
out of my garden,
sprinkled with the Parmesan pieces,
added some sliced hard boiled egg,
some almonds, some croutons,
and some red onion.
When you screw up Parmesan Frico Cups,
you can always use the mess for something else. And those greens? You have not eaten salad until you've had just-picked greens from the garden.

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Kate Gilday said...

I just made the same thing shown in the picture, and after going through $30 worth of parmesan..I decided to flip over the muffin tin and drape the parmesan over the humps instead....Perfection...