Friday, June 5, 2009

A Sad Day In My Garden.

Unfortunately, some of my black pines have recently become susceptible to some kind of disease. I've already had to cut down a few small ones next to the fence between Mr. Frank-T-F and myself.
And yesterday, this pine had to go. It really pained me to see this pine suffering. Well, I guess it's past suffering. It's dead. And that pains me.
Mar, with your vast Master Gardener knowledge and resources, do you think you might have a clue as to what's going through my pines?
I'd really hate to lose the pines along my bulkhead. That's my privacy screen from the houses across the canal.


Marilyn said...

Well, you might check out this link:
Scroll down to read about some damaging agents for black pines.

This link is from your state and might also be helpful:

Sorry about the trees. It's always sad to see them die.

Marion Walsh said...

Did you try the Dare Co. extension agent?

Bad enough having FtF close by; would be worse looking at him too.

Wonder Schwermin said...

Chicago has been beset with a number of tree killers. Dutch Elm is still wiht us and killed the mighty tree across the street from me (trunk diameter 3+ feet, I still miss him....) Asian beetles, emerald ash borer, so many beasties killing our trees. County extension is a great idea - figure out what is going on and let them figure out how to contain it.