Monday, June 29, 2009

Rosie Makes A Chicken Wrap For Middle Hawthorne.

Middle Hawthorne came home Friday for lunch and asked if I could make him a chicken wrap like at Mama Kwan's. "How do they make them?" "With chicken and cumin and Jasmine rice and cheese and onions and lettuce and tomato and sour cream."
"Not a problem." From Mama Kwan's menu:

Jerk Chicken Soft Tacos

This was our most popular lunch special over our first 2 years. Jerk Seasoned Chicken Breast, grilled and served with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese, onions, jasmine rice, salsa and sour cream with soft worm flour tortillas.
I opted NOT to go with the soft worm flour tortillas. I also have a problem with the national cuisine of a country described as JERK. I made this meal within 25 minutes. Take that, Rache!
One cup of Jasmine rice and 2 cups of my chicken consomme.
I brought the consomme to a boil and added in some salt, butter, and the rice. Covered and barely simmered for 20 minutes.
1.13 pounds of chicken breast tenders for $1.80.
I cut the chicken breasts into strips and seasoned with freshly ground salt and pepper and cumin and coriander.
Then placed in a hot pan with hot oil and butter.
Saute maybe 4 minutes each side. Until it's just past pink inside. As with pork, most people tend to overcook chicken. This only serves to make the chicken or pork dry, tough, and tasteless.
My accoutrements: shredded lettuce red onion shredded Monterey Jack cheese homemade salsa homemade creme fraiche
I placed the sliced sauteed chicken slices overtop the rice on a tortilla.
Added the Monterey Jack cheese. A Pepper-Jack would do very nicely here.
The heat of the chicken and rice will melt the cheese. Then I added some red onions.
I added salsa.
And a ribbon of creme fraiche.
And added the shredded lettuce.
Press the top of the tortilla over. Serve with more salsa and creme fraiche.
If you like, when you layer the rice, chicken, and cheese, you could nuke it to melt the cheese a bit more.
All the little Hawthornes loved this. And Middle Hawthorne told me: "This chicken wrap is a lot better than Mama Kwan's. And Mama, you know what? Creme fraiche is a lot better than sour cream."
He's seen the light.


Donna-FFW said...

you never cease to amaze me. Your own consumme, your own salsa, your own creme fraiche. Love you.

Have you blogged about making chicken consomme?? I will check. Do you keep it frozen?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey Donna and anyone else who wants to know.

I've blogged several times about chicken and beef consommes and I've done veal stock too. Which is wonderful and rich and decadent.

I freeze the consommes in quart containers.

The veal, I freeze in ice cube trays. Pop out into freezer bags.

If you haven't made creme fraiche, do so immediately if not sooner.
Take one cup heavy cream, add 1 TB buttermilk, and 1 TB citrus.

I usually use lime, since I like hot peppers and cilantro and the lime seems to go very well with that. But you could use lemon juice.

Stir and cover and let sit at room temp overnight. Then stir the next morning (It will be thick.), cover, and refrigerate. Use as you would sour cream.

Sometimes I flavor it, add lime zest, cilantro, green onions, minced jalapenos. Really good.

For a sweet version for (I think I'd made) croissants, I flavored creme fraiche with orange juice and zest, honey, and something else I don't remember. Vanilla. Maybe brown sugar or a maple flavoring.

It's wonderful stuff and very versatile.