Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Charter Communications, Fix My Email.

Back in February,
I had a problem with my internet provider,
Charter Communications,
concerning emails I was not receiving.
I posted about it
Charter has google alerts set up
to check on this sort of thing,
because the next day after posting my complaint,
I got an email from Eric at Charter
which he did.
And thank you again to Eric and Josh
for your prompt attention
and for fixing my problem.
Well, I'm having problems again
and I'm not getting certain emails.
My neighbor Bob
called me about some emails he'd sent me.
They'd come back to him as
undeliverable and no such account.
There was someone else he was emailing to,
also a customer of Charter,
and he was getting her emails bounced back as well.
After learning this from Bob,
I called Charter yesterday.
After talking to a lady whom I could barely understand,
I was told there was nothing wrong with my account,
since I was able to email myself.
I beg to differ.
There is something wrong with my account
if I'm not getting emails.
As much as I enjoy emailing myself,
I also enjoy, perhaps even more,
receiving emails from others.
I still am not getting my neighbor's emails.
And if I'm not getting his,
I have to wonder
who else is sending me emails I'm not getting.
For all I know,
I could have won the lottery.
Or there could be some next of kin I don't know about
in Nigeria that was killed in a plane crash
and their bank needs to contact me
and send me that $28,000,000.
Help me out here, Charter!

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Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Again!

Just wanted you to know Josh is on it, and I have replied to your e-mail. We will get it working for you.

Thanks for reaching out, Eric