Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Hawthorne Doggies.

What fun it is in the Hawthorne Household
with all the puppies!
Here are Beau and Giada snuggling together.
Shhh.  They're sleeping.
Nappy time is over and Junior and Giada
are getting a bit rambunctious.
What great fun this is.
Beau is all tuckered out.
Youngest Hawthorne, Junior (black blob in his lap),
and Beau take a rest.
Here's Dixie actually allowing Junior
to share her pillow
and a bit of sunshine.
(They both just came in from swimming
and they like to bask in the sun to dry off.)
The other day, Mr. Hawthorne and I
took Dixie, Giada, and Junior
for a little walk.
Poor little June Bug
tires out easily.
He was having trouble running with the big dogs,
so he just collapsed on the side of the road
for a little rest.
All he needed was a little down time,
then he was good to go.
Mr. Hawthorne tried to give Junior some water.
Junior finally decided to get up and walk back home.
I think he preferred walking to Mr. Hawthorne's water-boarding technique.

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