Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take A Walk Through My Garden.

Please enjoy my flowers
as I take another walk through my garden.
I have lots and lots of BlackEyed Susans
in my yard.
The majority look like these.
But I've found two plants out of the hundred or so
that have this darker center.
I really like this one,
so I'll be saving the seeds.
And I planted none of these Black-Eyed Susans.
They're all volunteers.
If they happen to come up somewhere
I don't want them,
I just move 'em to somewhere else.
This is my passion flower.
A bit of caution to those who might
be thinking of planting one of these.
It is a vine so you need something
for it to climb up on.
And once you plant one,
they'll be coming up
like a weed.
You can dig these up,
breaking the underground root
and pot them.
They go into shock and droop very sadly
but if give them enough water,
they'll pull through
and you can transplant them.
I orginally planted my passion flower
on the fence between F-t-F and me,
knowing full well about its extremely invasive proclivities,
because I can be a bitch that way.
And after doing a bit of research
(OK. I googled passion flower.),
I found out that passion flower
Perhaps a calming passion flower
tea seems to be in order.
Here's a little sunflower.
More sunflowers.
And these are all volunteers.
Again, if you don't like where your
volunteers are volunteering,
then just move them when they're babies.
This is my daisy which I was hesitant
to plant from seeds since I read
on the back of the seed packet
that it takes 365 days to bloom.
I planted the seeds anyway
and I'm glad I did,
because this little clump comes up in early spring
every year and I am rewarded with blooms all summer long.
Black Eyed Susans and Purple Coneflower.
When I was out weeding yesterday,
I found bunches of coneflower seedlings
in my rose bed,
so I'm gradually moving them over to another flower bed.
The coneflower is a perennial
and will come back every year.
It also self-seeds, so I have coneflowers
coming up everywhere.
Enjoy my roses:
This is one of my lantanas, another perennial.
And this is my silky mimosa blossom.
And it smells divine.
More roses.
Blue larkspur
and Baby's Breath, or Gypsophila,
another perennial.
More lilies.
More roses:
Black Eyed Susans and blue larkspur.
Another Lantana.
which are annuals
and which also self-seed everywhere in my garden.
Funny thing about the poppies -
I don't even remember planting them.
But that's the fun part of gardening -
there's always something new coming up;
there's always a surprise.
A garden is never "finished."
It's always growing and changing and evolving.
It's a living, breathing thing.
And it makes me happy.

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Debbie said...

Loved your garden walk!