Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something's In The Water At The Food Network Studios.

What the heck is in the water over at Food Network? Now, I can understand and appreciate Giada putting her spice rack out there. #1. #2. #3. But when the FN Suits make Rachael do it, I tend to wrap garlic around my neck, fetch my wooden stake, and pull out the cross. Someone even sent me a link to a video of Paula showing more than I'd like to see. And no, I'm not linking to it here. You're welcome. Even Gina Neely was seen recently sporting "les girls" and I just refuse to even upload that picture I took. Yes, I took it. And yes, you're welcome. But the other day, we had Ingrid Hoffman of Simply Delicioso doing Latino fusion.
I think that means she just makes
the same-ol' same-ol'
and maybe throws some jalapenos on it. Ingrid is Scandinavian. Hoffman is Jewish. And she's a Latina chicka chicka doing whatever she does.
And just what is that between the tata's?
It's a strategically placed something or other.
Big gold chain and some type of pendant nestled between the boobies. And I'm going to tell you something here about shooting pictures of these FN "Stars" when it's live on TV and not recorded on tape where I can control stuff. Giada's easy to catch on tape. And with the Rache, you know she has her "carry"
at the beginning of 30 Minute Meals, and then when she's out on $40/Day or her Travel thing, being a cheap, ugly American with her punkish, scraggly, tag-along, dead-weight husband, you can pretty much know she's going to be sporting an unflattering, East/West-boobage-thingie. So, Giada and Rachael are easy to photograph, live. And so was Gina Neely. But, Chica-GirlFriend was tough to shoot. The cameraman was all over the place
at a frenetic pace.
Back to her accessory.
Ingrid, girl? A little lax there, aren't we?
Break out the Tequila!
It's a jalapeno pendant!

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Bucky Katt said...

Rosie, I have to commend you on the quality of your postings. Absolutely the best on the web. Thanks again for all of the work that you do. Ingrid Hoffman is yet another favorite of mine. Not quite as much as Giada, but still a favorite. Thanks!