Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chiles Rellenos. Part 6 Of 6. Part Deux.

This is just another variation on the batter. With better pictures. I've eaten Chiles Rellenos in Tennessee, California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Mississippi. Every one was different and doggone good. The stuffings varied from place to place. Some had diced squash and zucchini. Some had diced potatoes. Some rice. Some meat. The one chile relleno I had in Danville, Va., at a Mexican restaurant, was not good. I think it was filled with canned refried beans. I also had one at the beach here, which was less than stellar. The filling was just cheese. They were both soggy and oily. No light and crispy fried batter. So, upon returning home, I'm making a boat load of chiles rellenos.
I stuffed the peppers with my Magical Mixture and X'd 'em out with toothpicks. I was much more restrained with the tp's this time.
To prepare for battering, mix flour, salt and pepper, and cumin.
Then whup egg whites until soft peaks form. Soft peaks mean when you pull out the beaters, the tips bend over a bit.
Add in egg yolk. Mr. Hawthorne and I were watching the Food Network or Cooking Channel the other day. A Hispanic Chica was on and she was good. Can't remember her name but I liked her. She was making chiles rellenos, the way her mother did, and she added an egg yolk to the soft-beaten whites, "for color and flavor." I couldn't discern whether or not the yolk added anything. ETA: Just found the Chica: Marcella on Mexican Made Easy. And here are her Chiles Rellenos.
Roll your stuffed chiles in the flour mixture first then drop in egg batter.
Then, into the hot oil. Maybe two minutes each side.
Drain on paper towels.
Serve with avocado cream sauce on top right, the complex salsa roja as the handsome bed on the bottom and Mr. Hawthorne's warm salsa on top left.
I love this.
This is my new favorite food. I want to marry it.

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