Thursday, December 16, 2010

Menage A Trois Avec Huitres.

Just to let you know, the Hawthornes are still eating well, even though I'm baking my ass off. Helloooooo ? Zzzadig? You there? Come in from meteor gazing and join us for oysters. 9 degrees indeedy, in Nashville. Please, detach/peal your flesh from the frozen, aluminum arms of your lawn chair, come sit by the fire with a nice hot toddy, and join the Hawthornes for oysters. Mr. Hawthorne and I had to finish the last of the bushel of oysters. We've had 'em about 3 weeks. I had no idea where I was going when making these. I was just using stuff in my fridge. And by the way, this is a MOREOVERS post. For an explanation of moreovers, not leftovers, see here.
It's three different types of oyster toppings.
Oysters Three Ways.
Oyster #1:
Some bacon celery sweet peppers jalapeno feta cheese cotija cheesse
Mince the celery ...
... and the peppers. And add in a shallot for good measure.
Fry up the bacon and one side fried better than the other so I just draped that over the edge of the pan to let the other side catch up. One pan of oysters is ready for toppings. I have the minced celery and peppers, feta and cotija cheeses, Ritz and saltines. Top each oyster with peppers and celery. Crumble bacon over top. Then crumble crackers. A little cotija cheese. Some feta cheese. And maybe just a bit of bacon joos.
Ready for the broiler.
Oyster #2:
When the weather got cold here, I brought my cilantro and dill inside.
Clip some cilantro.
I have rice leftover from a previous meal, rice vinegar, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and chopped cilantro.
Add in a little rice vinegar.
A bit of soy sauce.
Take a few pieces of ginger and mince.
Add ginger and cilantro to the rice.
Another pan of oysters ready for toppings.
Top with rice mixture. Crumble some goat cheese ... ... and add that to the oysters along with some crushed Ritz.
Oysters #3:
Remember I'm making this up as I go along and this combination came out of left field. I have tomatillo salsa, pepper jack cheese, and an avocado cream sauce.
I added a little of the avocado cream.
Some tomatilla salsa.
A little pepper jack cheese.
And crushed tortilla chips.
All my happy little oysters are ready to go under the broiler.
Just broil until bubbly and the cheese is melted.
I loves me some oysters.

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zzzadg said...

Yes, I'm here and pissed. HT let me down, and I don't have any oysters yet. I did make a wonderful snapper florentine last night about 10:30. It wasn't oysters, but it took a little of the sting out.