Monday, December 6, 2010

Mo' Oysters.

Yes, I've posted these oysters before,
but you might have missed it. And that would be terrible. So, I give you my grilled oysters again.
I like this picture of the toppings on my grill. On the left is melted butter and lemon juice. On the right is 3 parts hot Hungarian paprika, 1 part sugar, a little onion powder and granulated garlic, and 3-4 parts grated Parmesan cheese.
Place oysters on grill.
Pour butter over top, then sprinkle paprika/Parmesan mixture. Cover grill and cook for a minute or two until they start to bubble.
Watch for that one little oyster to jump out of the shell.
This just might be my favorite oyster preparation.
And if you're lucky, you'll get a little crabbie inside the oyster.
Crab slough oysters are delicious.
Zzzadig, you with me? Stay tuned for mo' oysters!
Grilled Oysters In The Shell

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zzzadig said...

Oh yeah I'm here. I'm just about through wih the wax doll, so if you feel a twinge, it isn't arthritis. };-)