Friday, December 31, 2010

Yo! Bro Haw!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays ! Happy New Year!
This is a picture of Brother & Sister In Law Hawthorne. I know Bro Haw loves to see pictures of himself in my blog. I must apologize, Brother Hawthorne. My assistant, Tiffany Garcia, was unable to remember how she scanned and enlarged the last photographs you sent me of yourself on that horse in Monument Valley, so's I could upload them to my blog,
There's a funny story with this picture. Brother Hawthorne had an Indian guide. The Indian told Bro Haw he'd take $2.00 to ride his horse out on the butte where John Wayne was in whatever movie so's Brother H. could take a picture of him. Brother Hawthorne told the Indian he'd give him $20 if the Indian would let him take his horse out on the peak and the Indian take a picture of him. so this picture you sent me is scanned and un-enlarged. Damn that Tiff!

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